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Partnering With Purpose

To Interested Partners:

Refreshing Waters Christian Ministries, Inc began its first Life Style small group Bible study in their home in May 2008 with just a handful of people and their children. In Feb, 2009, they moved from the home to a hotel in Griffin, Georgia. Apostle Smith is a woman with a vision. She realized that people were hurting and didn’t know how to be free from guilt, shame and sin.  Because of this, God gave her a vision to refresh, restore, renew, revive and reform lives through the preached  and taught Word of God.

Their first Exodus Service began in a Hotel and they met there for 3 months.  Later through much prayer and fasting they asked God for direction to their next destination to hold continued monthly services.  They found their location at McGhin’s Place in Griffin, Georgia where they were  having Exodus Services for 6 years. God proved himself to be faithful as we were seemingly running out of ideas where to plant because we discovered that there were so many small churches launching in the area and space was very limited.  A church in threat of having no place to meet went from prayer to praise. 

Membership grew and we watched how God favored and blessed us financially miraculously.  With only a few tithers and givers and a huge rental fee, rent was paid every month while meeting at McGhin’s Place. February 28, 2010 we had our first Exodus Service at McGhin’s Place. We went in there with a vision to see increase in membership and God was faithful in drawing men unto him and with hearts of thanksgiving and praise we received them with loving arms and were excited to impart and implant the Word of God in to their spirits and soul and preach and teach the uncompromisingly Word of God so that they can be all that they can be in Christ.

Due to a world pandemic, RWCMINC started Virtual Services. We began outreach in Suva, Fiji causing more souls to be added to RWCM. As the Lord favors us we will continue to grow and expand our vision in the community and abroad. We are apostolically and prophetically going with God to see the Great Commission at hand and preparing people for the soon return of Christ!

If you are interested in "Partnering With Purpose" here is an opportunity for you to join us in touching lives.

Thank you & God Bless!

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